Magnetic Face Mask

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  • Magnetic Face Mask
  • Gives you cleaner, healthier and more radiant skin
  • Deep cleansing and hydrating face mask
  • Easy removed without damaging your skin like traditional face masks

You will be amazed with the results that the Magnetic Face Mask will give you!

Want clearer, healthier and more radiant skin? Then look no further than the Magnetic Face Mask. 

The face mask is made using vitamin rich mud from the Dead Sea, which is packed with 24 kinds of skin-protecting and nourishing minerals that help to remove/clean dirt pores, impurities, and excess oil, all of which work together to give smoother and more radiant skin. The ingredients also help enhance the skin's ability to heal itself and restore the function of ageing skin cells. 

The unique method of using a magnet to remove the face mask makes it so easy to remove without damaging your skin like traditional face masks.

The set contains a 100g tub of the mask, a brush for applying the mask and the magnet for taking it off.



    *Due to high demand, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.