Wearable Body Sleeping Bag

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  • Amazing Wearable Body Sleeping Bag
  • Standard sleeping bag or body suit
  • Body shape design prevents heat loss
  • Light weight (1250g)
  • Double zip system - Join two sleeping bags together

This multi functional Wearable Body Sleeping Bag is not like any other sleeping bag! The unique body shape design and double zip mechanism keeps you toasty warm from head to toe and offers you the mobility you need to function.

Gone are the days of working yourself up to escape the warmth of a tent and racing through the chilly night to the closest bathroom. 

For those of us whose greatest adventures include a backyard barbeque and definitely do not include a campsite, wearable sleeping bags are incredibly beneficial for a chilly night on the patio or for your kids to take with them on a sleepover.

Eliminate the need to drag extra blankets and an assortment of jackets on your next camping expedition!

High quality, machine washable, comfortable, durable, quick release zippers for added heat protection.

Available in two sizes:

Double sleeping bag - Two sleeping bags can be zipped together


*Due to high demand, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.