Amazing Lumi Backpack

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  • The Amazing Lumi Backpack
  • Special designed reflective strips react to different light sources like a rainbow and illuminate the bag
  • Luminous geometric design
  • Available in small and large sizes and in 4 magical styles!

The Amazing Lumi Backpack is perfect for the fun and colourful person who wants something different from a regular backpack!

The special designed reflective strips react to different light sources like a rainbow, you will be amazed to see the geometric patterns light up. 

These geometrical patterns change their colours from deep black to dark blue, and they also can acquire the beautiful rainbow colours that look surprisingly glamorous. The rainbow colours have the high density of violet, purple, pink, green and a whole lot of other shades. 

Inside the bag

The Amazing Lumi Backpack  is quite smartly designed. Inside the bag there is actually quite a lot of room to store different items such as your books, purse, headphones, cellphone, and tablet. 

The interior of the bag features the polyester fabric of premium quality, and there is a total of 3 pockets. The main pocket, the second one is the zipper pocket, and another smaller pocket to store small accessories safely. 

Available in 2 sizes: Small 25x13x25cm and Large 36x13x32cm

Available in 4 amazing styles. Choose which one suits you!



*Due to high demand, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.