SprayCrow™ Solar Powered Motion Activated Animal Repeller

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"I'm using SprayCrow™ to discourage feral cats but would recommend to anyone with a yard or garden pest problem.” - Jane S. ★★★★★

✅ Protects gardens, landscaped areas and yards from deer, rabbits, birds and other animal intruders.

✅ Effective and harmless - The sudden noise, movement and spray scare animals, teaching them to avoid your area, it is is entirely safe and harmless to animals.

✅ Fail-safe and leak-proof valve - The valve is designed to automatically close and cut off the water even without power, so your garden can't get flooded. 

If you are fed up with animals eating your plants, flowers or fruit then SprayCrow™ is perfect for you.

This brilliant new invention combines a sensor with a yard sprinkler and will spray oncoming pests and pets to deter them from entering that area. 

Keeps Your Garden Protected Both Day And Night

Does a dog or cat keep pooping in your garden or in a particular spot in your yard where you wish they wouldn't, or perhaps rabbits, raccoons or deer keep munching on your flowers or plants.

SprayCrow™ is perfect for scaring off dogs, cats, deer, rabbits, mice, birds, raccoons, squirrels, and more 24/7.

Protects An Area Of Up To 1000 ft2 (90 m2)

The SprayCrow™ Animal Repeller contains a sensor that's powered by a solar rechargeable battery and it will automatically detect any movement within a 30-foot range.

Once it detects movement, it sprays the surrounding area for 5 seconds in a range of 30 feet, rotating through an angle of up to 300°, and then stops until it detects more movement.

Enjoy Your Garden In It's Natural State 

We understand the frustration of spending money and time making your garden or yard look beautiful and then having to cover areas of your garden with ugly netting, cages or unnecessary fencing.

SprayCrow™ allows you to enjoy your garden in it's natural state while keeping your hard work on display and your flowers, fruits and vegetables in bloom.

Easy To Install And Safe For Animals

All you have to do is just attach a garden hose, and SprayCrow™ will do the rest. It won't hurt any animals that it sprays, as it'll just scare them off so they run away.


  • Adjustable 24/7 animal detection unit with a 0 to 30-foot range for maximum property protection
  • Sprinkler head is fully adjustable and has a spray rotation angle of up to 300° and area coverage of up to 1000 square feet
  • The water jet 5 second intermittent spray cycle ensures repellent effectiveness and low water consumption
  • Adjustable day / night setting
  • Setup is quick and easy with no tools or prior experience required
  • Powered by a solar panel and 4 rechargeable AAA batteries (not included)
  • Solar panel effectively recharges batteries to extend battery life

How Many SprayCrows™ Do I Need?

Garden / Yard Size  Number Of SprayCrows™
Up to 1000 ft2 (90 m2) 1
1000 ft2 (90 m2) - 2000 ft2 (180 m2) 2
2000 ft2 (180 m2) - 3000 ft2 (270 m2) 3
3000 ft2 (270 m2) - 4000 ft2 (360 m2) 4
4000 ft2 (360 m2) - 5000 ft2 (450 m2) 5

Spray auto-timer allows for efficient watering of lawns, plants and flowers, particularly important in hot or dry climates.

Suitable For All Gardens And Animals
Adjust the spray distance and sensor sensitivity for different types of animals.

What’s Included?

  • SprayCrow™ Motion Activated Animal Repeller
  • Instruction Manual

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