Sunrise Wake Up Light For Kids

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  • Sunrise Wake Up Light For Kids
  • Help get your child into a good sleep and wake routine 
  • Ensure your kids are awake when needed and feeling energised and happy
  • Available in 4 awesome colors

Sunrise Wake up lights are not only great for adults, they are also perfect for kids, children and toddlers and are clinically proven to help your child wake up feeling more refreshed.

Help get your child into a good sleep and wake routine will make your life easier and also ensure your kids are awake when needed feeling energised and happy. No one wants to wake their child from a sleep to set them off crying.

When it comes to features the sunrise and sunset features are great with the sun setting, this will help the child nod off as the light dims down, instead of going into complete darkness where they may get scared. 


50LM maximum brightness, 3200K warm color temperature. No matter what you want to do, you can always find a suitable brightness. The ring halos provide a high-brightness night soft light, suitable for night care, getting up and dressing, and looking for something that requires a high brightness. The brightness is adjustable.

Sleeping Pattern

Relax and drift off to sleep with dimming sunset and sounds. Colored sunrise simulation alarm clock wakes you gradually with a natural light lamp and a speaker that plays a choice of 5 wake-up sounds, or FM radio with tapto-snooze. After your child falls asleep, the time light will monitor their status and then automatically extinguish the lights. You don't have to turn off the lights at night.

Set the light so that in the morning the light will slowly brighten and naturally wake your child up. 

Package includes:

  • Wake up alarm x1
  • USB charging cable x1
  • Manual x1



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